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Tuition and Fees - FALL 2024

For 17 years, FAYM has been committed to keeping costs low. However, we have not kept up with the times! Tuition in 2008 was $25 per month. Tuition in 2023 was still $25 per month. As enrollment has grown, it has become more and more difficult to keep up with the bookkeeping, especially the growing number of late and missing payments. As much as we've tried to be lenient with accounts, we have no choice but to make some major changes to how billing and payments work.


Starting with the FALL 2024 semester, tuition can be paid all at once, or in TWO equal monthly installments (August 1 and October 1). There is no option to pay weekly.

Certain classes with enrollment limits will have different tuition amounts. This is to discourage the perplexing but increasing trend of drops or no-shows for these classes.

Most of our teachers are former homeschool moms. We are committed to keeping class costs low! If you ever have an issue with tuition, please DO NOT HESITATE to talk to Amy. There are options for families who have tuition concerns. Email


Registration Fee

The Regular Registration Fee is per family, per semester.


Late Registration Fee

The late registration fee is per family, and is added to the regular registration fee.

$105 per semester ($52.50 per installment) (only $7.50 per week!)

Tuition for large roster classes

Semester tuition is $105 for Band, Strings, Chorus, Music History/Conducting, and Music Theory.

Tuition can be paid all at once, or in TWO equal installments ($52.50 each on August 1 and October 1).

There is no option to pay weekly.

$112 per semester ($56 per installment) (only $8 per week!)

Tuition for small roster classes

Semester tuition is $112 for Keyboarding, Guitar, Worship Team Prep, Elementary Music 6 or 7, and Music Explorations.

Tuition can be paid all at once, or in TWO equal installments ($56 each on August 1 and October 1).

There is no option to pay weekly.


SmartMusic Subscription

A SmartMusic subscription is required for some FAYM classes, and optional for others. Please see the class descriptions and the SmartMusic page for more information on how FAYM classes use the SmartMusic program.



Most classes require you to purchase your own books and materials from separate sources. A few classes will hand out books or materials in class, and the cost of the book or equipment will be added to your account. The cost of class books usually runs between $5 and $20.


Instrument Rental

FAYM has a few instruments that can be rented for use in FAYM classes. These instruments tend to be the larger or harder to find instruments (tuba, upright bass, bari sax, bass clarinet, euphonium, viola, etc.). Rental is $15 per month, or $60 per semester.


Concert Hall Fee

Students participating in the final large concert of the semester (band, strings, chorus) will contribute to the rental of a large auditorium. The rental fee averages about $12 per family.



FAYM welcomes donations of any amount! Donations are allocated to our scholarship fund, event participation fee fund, the musical instrument fund, or the general expense/equipment fund. Thank you for your generosity!

More Information

How to make a payment, access your account, due dates, and other information

Your FAYM Account

FAYM uses the MyMusicStaff billing and accounting service. Each family will have an account generated once they register for classes. Once your registration form is processed, either you will get an account set up email where you can choose your new account password, OR your previously existing account will be opened.

The purpose of the online account is to make it easy for you to check your charges, payments, and account balance at any time. You will get an automatic account email about three days before a due date. In order to make a payment, you can either click on the payment link in the email, or you can click on the account link found on this page (above).

Registration Fee

The registration fee for on time registrations is $30 per family, per semester. An additional $15 late registration fee is required for all late registrations.


The tuition for FAYM classes is listed above. If you don't want to pay for the entire semester at once, payments can be split into TWO equal installments, due on August 1 and October 1

Due Dates

All due dates will be the 1st of the month. This means that your payment must be submitted online by that date. If you choose to hand in payment in person, or if you prefer to mail in your payment, your payment must be IN OUR HANDS by the first of the month. If you put your payment in the mail on the 1st, your payment will be considered late. Please plan ahead to get payments in on time!

Overdue Payments

All tuition payments are due by the first of the month. If a payment is not received within one week of the due date, a $15 late fee will be added to your account. Families with delinquent accounts will be suspended from all FAYM classes until payments are up to date.

Dropping a Class

If you need to drop a class, once we are notified that you are dropping, the student will be removed from the roster, and no more charges for that class will be generated. We do not pro-rate for remaining classes in a billing cycle, but you will not be charged for any classes of the next billing cycle.

If you drop a class but do not notify us (if you just stop coming to class), you will continue to be charged for the class, and will be responsible for all remaining payments. We do not assume you have dropped just because you miss a couple of classes. Please notify us when you are dropping!


Refunds are NOT given if you pay for the entire semester up front and drop before the semester is over. However, if you are making installment tuition payments, once you drop a class, no more charges for your class will be generated. We do not pro-rate for remaining weeks in a billing cycle.

If you register for a class and pay the registration fee and tuition, and if you need to drop before the semester has started, we will refund all of your tuition payments. Registration fees are never refunded, because of the many, many hours of work we put into processing registration forms, creating class rosters, opening accounts, etc.

If you pay too much during the semester and your account has a credit after the last class is over, the credit will be refunded back to you.

Alternate Ways to Pay

Families should use the online payment site to make a payment whenever possible ( If needed, payments may be handed in to the hall monitor's desk (make checks out to 'FAYM'), as long as you hand in your payment before the 1st of the month. If you need to mail a payment, the mailing address is:


7931 Lake Anna Parkway

Spotsylvania, VA 22551

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