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Spring semester registration begins on December 20 and runs through January 5. Sign up early!

Registration for FAYM Classes

Before you register for classes, please make sure you've followed these steps:

Spring '24 Registration starts December 20

It's always best to register early. Some classes have enrollment limits and will fill quickly.

Always register for your class ASAP, even BEFORE the demo, testup, audition, or theory quiz. Just make your best guess of class and level on the registration form. We will adjust the registration after the demo or testup or audition.

You should NEVER fill out a 2nd form - email all corrections, additions, and deletions to

Read the below steps that you need to take BEFORE you fill out your registration form:

Choose Your Classes

You've looked at the class schedule, chosen your classes, and know the correct day/time for each class you want.

Read the Class Descriptions

You understand the age requirements, prerequisites, and all other required instruments, books, and materials needed for your classes.

Read the Handbook

You've read the FAYM handbook and understand our rules, policies, and agreements with the host church. You also agree to fully cooperate and abide by the stated policies, procedures, and rules in order to register for a class with FAYM.

Read the Tuition and Fees Page

You understand the tuition amount and registration fee that you will be charged for your class, and have made note of all due dates. In addition, you are aware of any other materials or fees that may be added to your account. You've also read and understand the late payment and refund policies.

Ask Questions!

You've thought about any questions you might have, and you've asked them well in advance by emailing Please don't wait until registration day to ask your questions.

Once you've done the above steps and you're sure you're ready to register for classes, make sure you follow the steps below IN ORDER. Your registration is not complete until all 4 steps have been verified, but they must be done in order. Keep in mind that all registrations need to be processed BY HAND, by a real human being. On early registration days when dozens of forms are submitted at once, it could take many hours or even days to completely process your form. Thank you for your patience!

Fill out the Registration Form

REGISTER EARLY! Some classes will fill if you wait too long.
Yes, you can register before you've completed a testup or audition. Just make your best guess of level. After the audition, we will adjust the registration form for you. NEVER FILL OUT A 2ND FORM.
If you don't provide all information correctly and completely, your form may be delayed or not processed at all.
If you need to make any corrections or additions, please don't fill out another form (it really confuses the computer to see your name twice!!). Just email the corrections or additions to

Create your MyMusicStaff online account

You can't do this until a human has processed your registration form. If you are a new family, you will get an email that asks you to create your own password for the account (your username is your email). HOWEVER, if you are a returning family, the email will just alert you that your old account has been reopened. Returning families do not need to create new accounts or new passwords!
Do not click on the button below to create your password - you have to wait for the invitation email. This button is here just so you can access your account once it's open!

Sign up for an Audition or Testup

You only do this step if a theory quiz, audition, or testup is required of you.
NEW Theory students need to take a placement test.
NEW band or strings students with experience need an audition.
PREVIOUS band or strings students may choose a testup.
YES, you can register for classes before doing an audition or testup. Just make your best guess of level. Once the audition or testup is over, we will adjust your registration for you. You do not need to fill out a new registration form.

The Google Group Email List

This one is a freebie - you don't need to do anything! But once your registration form is processed, you will be automatically added to the FAYM Google Group email list. All FAYM families are required to stay on this email list as long as they are taking at least one FAYM class. When you get the confirmation email that you've been added to the list, there is nothing for you to do. But do not delete yourself from the list! This list is the best way for FAYM to send out important information about classes, weather, news, etc.

Nothing to do here!
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