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Levels and Classes

There are two levels of beginning guitar. After completing both levels, students may decide to continue study with a private teacher. Occasionally, we may offer an advanced guitar ensemble if there is enough interest.


Guitar students need to be a minimum of 10 yrs old by the time the semester starts.

Class Size

The guitar classes hold 10-15 students. If the class does not enroll at least 7 students, the class will be cancelled. If more than 15 students enroll, a wait list will be formed.


Our group beginning guitar classes are NOT meant to replace private lessons! If you are already taking private lessons in guitar, you should not sign up for these group classes. 

The group guitar classes are meant to be a brand new introduction to playing the guitar. FAYM only offers two levels of guitar. When a student has completed the offered levels of FAYM guitar classes, if the student wants to continue the study of guitar, he/she should seek out a private instructor for continuing study.

No previous musical experience required, and no previous guitar experience allowed to enroll in level 1. Enrollment in level 2 requires completion of level 1.


Daily practice is required. Students should be expected to spend 15-20 minutes every day on practicing and book work.


All students in guitar classes are required to participate in the Class Showcase at the end of the semester.

Required Books and Materials

Students must provide their own guitar. It is highly recommended to have an acoustic guitar for these classes, not an electric. If the student has no instrument option other than an electric guitar, the student has to provide and bring to class a small amp, cable, and extension cord.

Students must provide their own music stand, book, metronome, tuner, and pencil.

The required books: Students must purchase Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Book 1.

Where to Get Instruments and Supplies

Online book sources:, Amazon, J.W.Pepper.

Music stores, such as Roberson's, KBI, and Music and Arts may also carry the books and supplies, but may not have guitars.

The Guitar Center is a good source for instruments and books.

Keep in mind that very young students may need a fractional size guitar.

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