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Elementary Music

Classes and Levels

There are three age group classes for Elementary Music: age 6, age 7, and age 8.

This is an active, hands-on class that follows a sequential and developmental approach to building a foundation for later musical pursuits. Students will learn about the basics of music, including pitch, rhythm, solfege, and notation. Students will experience making music through singing games, movement activities, playing instruments, and listening activities. Students should expect to play instruments such as basic rhythm instruments, bells, boomwhackers, tone chimes, as well as singing. 

For the Age 6 and Age 7 classes: We will be following the MusicPlay curriculum which is developmental and experience based.  While it does teach specific skills for each age group, it is focused on building skills in more complex ways across the levels. We will still be singing, dancing, playing games, and playing instruments. 

For the Age 8 class: We will focus on playing new instruments such as the keyboard and the Windstar pre-band instruments like P-buzz and Dood. We will build ensemble skills and sample different instruments to prepare and spark and interest for ensembles (band/orchestra/chorus). We will still learn to read music, play games, and sing but the focus is more on instrument skills.


Classes are grouped by age. Students should be the required age on the first day of class. Fall and Spring semesters are different so a student may take two semesters of the same age group class.

Class Size

The elementary music classes hold 5-10 students. If the class does not enroll at least 5 students, the class will be cancelled. If more than 10 students enroll, a wait list will be formed.


None. These classes are for younger students who want beginning general music classes. Students who have had some music exposure or lessons are still welcome to enroll.


Occasional homework or practicing may be assigned to these classes. Parents should be sure to assist students in completing any assignments before the next class.


All students in elementary music classes are required to participate in the Class Showcase at the end of the semester.

Required Book

There is no required book, but all students should bring a folder to class each week to collect handouts.

All other instruments and equipment will be provided for the class, including markerboards, bells, chimes, percussion instruments, or anything else used in the class.

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