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Elementary Music

Classes and Levels

There are two levels of Elementary Music.

Students will learn about the basics of music, including pitch, rhythm, solfege, and notation. Students will experience making music with keyboards, basic rhythm instruments, bells, boomwhackers, tone chimes, and through singing.


Students must be 6-7 yrs old by the time the semester starts. Once a student begins the first level, they may continue through both levels in order, even if they turn 8 before completing all levels.

Class Size

The elementary music classes hold 5-10 students. If the class does not enroll at least 5 students, the class will be cancelled. If more than 10 students enroll, a wait list will be formed.


None. These classes are for younger students who want beginning general music classes. Students who have had some music exposure or lessons are still welcome to enroll.


All students in elementary music classes are required to participate in the Class Showcase at the end of the semester.

Required Book

All students will have their own copy of MiniMusic ($8) which will be handed out at the first class.

All other instruments and equipment will be provided for the class, including markerboards, bells, chimes, percussion instruments, or anything else used in the class.

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