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Levels and Classes

There are two levels of Recorder. This class is a perfect introduction to band or strings.


Students must be 7-8 yrs old by the time the semester starts. Once a student begins the first level, they may continue through all levels in order, even if they turn 9 before completing all levels.

Class Size

The recorder classes hold 5-10 students. If the class does not enroll at least 5 students, the class will be cancelled. If more than 10 students enroll, a wait list will be formed.


None. Although many students like to take the Elementary Music class first, no classes or other musical experience is required for enrollment in the recorder class.


Daily practice is required. Students should be expected to spend 15-20 minutes every day on practicing and book work.


All students in recorder classes are required to participate in the Class Showcase at the end of the semester. Traditionally, since Recorder is a pre-Band or pre-Orchestra instrument, students may be invited to perform with the Intro Band and Intro Strings classes at the final semester concert.

Required Books and Materials

All students are required to provide their own music stand and pencil. The book (Recorder Karate) will be handed out in class and the book fee added to your account.

Students will purchase a recorder provided by FAYM. We will use a German fingering system recorder, not the more common Baroque fingering system. This is so all students will learn the same fingerings, which will make the transition to woodwind instruments much easier.

In addition, a small packet of beginning reading pages will be provided in class. Cost of the recorder, book, and packet is $10.

Where to Get Books and Materials

Music stands can be found online (Amazon), or at local music stores, such as KBI, Music & Arts, Bang Music, or Guitar Center.

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